Parents, do you want to know which school districts are the best in Houston in 2024? Our education experts reviewed all of the top schools in the area and picked the best of the best so your kids get the best education possible!

We looked at all the schools and we found some school districts that are better than others. We looked at some things like how many teachers there are and how many students. Plus, we also looked at extracurricular activities, college readiness, academic performance, and state test scores!

School DistrictOur RatingLocation
Katy Independent School District10/10Katy
Friendswood Independent School District10/10South of Downtown
Conroe Independent School District9.5/10About 45 minutes North of Houston
Tomball Independent School District910West of Spring
Montgomery Independent School District9/10West of Lake Conroe
Klein Independent School District9/10Northeast Houston
Pearland Independent School District9/10South Houston

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Katy ISD

Katy Independent School District

Katy ISD is home to over 85,000 students on one of the top rated school districts in Texas! It is home to 9 high schools, 17 junior high schools and 51 elementary schools across the district.

Friendswood Independent School District

Friendswood ISD is one of the smaller districts in the area but home to top notch education. In 2009 the 6 schools in the district were rated exemplary by the TEA.

Conroe Independent School District

Conroe ISD has 60 schools and about 62,000 students. Located North of Downtown as received an 89 out of 100 from the TEA in 2018 and the ERG rated the district as the 2nd most productive school district in the state.

Tomball Independent School District

Tomball ISD is a top rated district located West of Spring that has 3 high schools, 4 junior highs, 3 intermediate schools and 11 elementary schools for 18,294.

Montgomery ISD

Montgomery Independent School District

Montgomery ISD is home to 8,999 students in 6 elementary schools, 2 junior highs and 2 high school. The district received an A rating from the TEA for the 2018-2019 school district.

Klien ISD

Klein Independent School District

Klein ISD has more than 53,00 students in 51 different schools. The district revives top marks in a number of categories and offers dual credit courses where students can earn college credits while still in high school.

Pearland ISD

Pearland Independent School District

Pearland ISD serve Pearland and the surrounding area including Brookside Village and Brazoria County. It has more than 18,000 students enrolled as of 2021 and has consistently received good ratings from the TEA.

How We Picked

Looking for more information about our rating system. Here are the factors that helped us pick the top public and private schools in Central Texas.

Want to know more about our rating system at Texas Success? Here are the top 5 factors that we rated each school district to find out which are the top private and public schools near Houston, TX.

  • Location – If it is not close to Houston, it does not count! All school districts on this list are within 1 hour of the downtown Houston area.
  • State test scores – Test scores are not everything, but they give a good idea of the academic standards in a school district.
  • Extracurricular activities – Having fun outside the classroom is key to healthy child development and an important ranking factor in our formula especially high school football.
  • Public sentiment – What people think of your school district matters, it means access to better colleges and higher property values.

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