If you’re raising a family in Denton, Texas, and are on the lookout for premier private and Christian schools, you’re in luck, as the city hosts a variety of esteemed institutions. Our team of Texas Education experts found the top five private and Christian schools in Denton, focusing on the most important to your family.

Our experts have scrutinized the most distinguished schools to assess the standard of education, rates of college admissions and employment, along with opportunities for tuition and scholarships. The geographical locations of the schools within Denton have also been taken into account for your ease.

Curious about which Private and Christian schools in Denton are leading the pack in 2024? We’ve conducted the research on your behalf. Our experts have examined vital factors such as the ratio of teachers to students, the range of extracurricular activities, readiness for college, and academic performance to present you with a trustworthy guide to the finest educational choices available in the region.

Denton Calvary AcademyDenton10/10
Liberty Christian SchoolArgyle9.5/10
Legacy Christian AcademyFrisco9/10
Prince of PeaceCarrollton9/10
Immaculate Conception SchoolDenton8.3/10
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Denton Calvary Academy

Address: 1910 E University Dr, Denton, TX 76209
Grades: K-12
Enrollment: 300 students
Tuition: About $10,000
Website: dentoncalvary.org

Denton Calvary Academy, located in Denton, TX, is a distinguished private Christian institution serving students from kindergarten through 12th grade. It holds a notable reputation, with an A- overall grade, reflecting its commitment to academic excellence, diverse extracurricular activities, and a supportive learning environment. The academy boasts a low student-teacher ratio of 7 to 1, allowing for personalized attention and fostering a nurturing atmosphere. With a tuition fee of $8,858 for the highest grade, the school sees a 91% rate of students advancing to 4-year colleges post-graduation.

The academy is not just academically inclined but also places emphasis on creating a balanced and inclusive environment. It has received a B- grade in diversity and offers a range of clubs and sports activities to its 212 enrolled students. The students and parents acknowledge the engaging lessons and the genuine care the teachers provide, making it a conducive space for learning and personal growth. The school’s commitment to fostering a safe and happy learning environment is evident, with 91% of students agreeing that they feel secure, and 73% expressing happiness and satisfaction with their school experience.


  • Low Student-Teacher Ratio: Offers personalized and focused attention with a 7:1 student-teacher ratio, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Strong Academic Foundation: Holds an A- overall grade, reflecting a commitment to academic excellence and a high college advancement rate of 91%.
  • Balanced and Inclusive Environment: Provides a diverse range of extracurricular activities and fosters a safe and happy atmosphere, with 73% of students expressing contentment with their school life.

Liberty Christian School

Address: 1301 S. Highway 377, Argyle, TX 76226
Grades: Pre K-12
Enrollment: 1300+ students
Tuition: About $20,000
Website: libertychristian.com

Liberty Christian School, located in Argyle, TX which is about 15 minutes from Denton, is a renowned institution founded in 1983 with a commitment to providing outstanding college-preparatory education infused with a Biblical worldview. The school is dedicated to nurturing the whole child, focusing on spiritual, academic, and physical development, and it collaborates closely with students and families to foster an environment conducive to positive impact on family, community, and the world. With a diverse range of AP courses, sports, and extracurriculars, Liberty Christian School stands out as a top choice for families seeking a well-rounded education in Denton County.

The school offers a supportive environment for students from Nursery/Preschool to 12th grade, boasting a low student-teacher ratio of 6:1 – which is one of the best in the Denton area, allowing for personalized attention and tailored instruction. Liberty Christian School has achieved recognition for its extensive offerings and has secured its place among the top 20% of private schools in Texas, winning the TAPPS overall state championship in its classification 13 times. With a focus on academic excellence, spiritual growth, and active involvement in various programs, it remains a beacon of quality education in the region.


  • Comprehensive Educational Experience: Offers a blend of spiritual, academic, and physical development programs, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education, enriched with a Biblical worldview.
  • Diverse and Extensive Offerings: Presents a variety of AP courses, sports, and extracurricular activities, allowing students to explore and cultivate their interests and talents.
  • Individualized Attention and Support: Maintains a favorable student-teacher ratio of 6:1, enabling tailored instruction and personalized learning experiences for students from Nursery/Preschool to 12th grade.

Legacy Christian Academy

Address: 5000 Academy Dr, Frisco, TX 75034
Grades: Pre K-12
Enrollment: 1500+ students
Tuition: About $25,000
Website: legacyca.com

Legacy Christian Academy, nestled in the heart of Frisco (just a stones throw from Denton), is a prestigious private Christian school elementary, middle and high school, renowned for its commitment to fostering academic excellence from PK through K-12 in the North Dallas area.

LCA is a hub of diverse learning experiences, offering a plethora of AP courses and maintaining a commendable student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1, ensuring each student receives personalized attention and a quality education. With a tuition fee of $21,600 for the highest grade, it proudly witnesses 98% of its students moving on to 4-year colleges post-graduation.

The academy is not just an institution but a community where students feel safe and happy, a place that sees a 100% graduation rate and high SAT and ACT scores. It’s a space where learning is intertwined with values, and students are encouraged to explore their interests in various fields, be it academics, sports, or other extracurricular activities. Legacy Christian Academy stands as a symbol of quality education and holistic development in the region, preparing students not just academically but also morally and socially to face the challenges of the future.


  • Commitment to Quality Education: Offers a comprehensive curriculum from PK to K-12, ensuring students receive a top-tier Christian education.
  • Focused Attention: Benefits from a 14:1 student-teacher ratio, allowing for tailored instruction and a nurturing learning environment.
  • Future-Ready Approach: Celebrates a 100% graduation rate, with a significant 98% of students progressing to 4-year colleges, showcasing its dedication to student success.

Prince of Peace

Address: 4004 Midway Rd, Carrollton, TX 75007
Grades: Pre K-12
Enrollment: 600+ students
Tuition: About $20,000
Website: popcs.org

Prince of Peace Christian School in Carrollton, TX, offers a nurturing educational environment for children from infancy to 12th grade. The school emphasizes the development of Christ-like character while providing academic rigor and encouraging students to discover and hone their unique talents. With a sprawling 27-acre campus that includes specialized facilities for early learning, elementary, middle, and high school education, as well as arts and athletics, the setting is ideal for a well-rounded educational experience.

The dedicated educators at Prince of Peace not only exceed national testing averages but also bring a wealth of knowledge with over half holding advanced degrees. Small class sizes with a 10:1 student-teacher ratio ensure personalized attention, fostering a strong foundation in core academic areas and technology. The school’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its status as a Blue Ribbon School and in the consistent high performance of its students on national tests.


  • Holistic Educational Approach: Cultivates moral character and academic excellence in a diverse, caring community.
  • Personalized Learning Experience: Maintains a low student-teacher ratio for tailored educational support.
  • Extensive Facilities and Programs: Features a comprehensive campus with advanced facilities for sports, arts, and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Immaculate Conception School

Address: 2301 N Bonnie Brae St, Denton, TX 76207
Grades: Pre K-8
Enrollment: 300+ students
Tuition: About $7,500
Website: catholicschooldenton.org

Immaculate Conception Catholic School, nestled in the heart of Denton, TX, provides a faith-centered education for young learners from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. With a close-knit community of 227 students, the school prides itself on a favorable student-teacher ratio of 12:1, which significantly surpasses the national average. This intimate setting ensures that each student receives attentive instruction and support throughout their formative years.

The school’s team of dedicated educators, including 14 full-time and 10 part-time teachers, is committed to fostering a nurturing environment where academic and spiritual growth go hand in hand. Immaculate Conception Catholic School stands out for its diverse student body, with a rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds that enriches the learning experience for all.


  • Faith-Based Foundation: Offers an education infused with Catholic values and teachings.
  • Focused Attention: Benefits from a low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing for individualized student attention.
  • Diversity in Unity: Celebrates a diverse student population, promoting inclusivity and a broad worldview.

About Our Denton Private School Ranking System

We have curated a list of the premier private schools in both Arlington and the DFW region, ranking them based on several key factors to help you pick the right private school for your kids:

  • Academic Excellence: We delve into the curriculum, quality of faculty, and the educational resources of private elementary, middle, and high schools in Arlington to identify the ones that stand out in educational excellence.
  • Pupil-Instructor Ratio: Smaller classroom sizes are pivotal for personalized instruction. We have explored pupil-instructor ratios in Arlington’s private schools to determine the level of individual attention each student can expect.
  • Faculty Qualifications: The stature of a private school is often reflective of its faculty’s quality. We have examined the qualifications, expertise, and pedagogical approaches of the educators in Arlington’s private schools.
  • Preparation for Higher Education: We have analyzed the proportion of students progressing to higher education and the renown of the colleges they enroll in, evaluating how well these schools prepare students for post-secondary academic success. #### **5. Career Prospects** Our evaluation also considers the career trajectories of alumni, including their employability, job placement rates, and the nature of positions they typically acquire.
  • Cost and Scholarship Opportunities: Acknowledging the substantial investment that private education entails, we have reviewed the tuition costs and the variety of financial aid options available in Arlington’s private schools.
  • Location in the Arlington Area: Convenience is crucial; hence, all the schools in our rankings are conveniently located within the Arlington metropolitan area.
  • Performance on Standardized Tests: While test scores are not the sole measure of educational quality, standardized tests like the SAT and ACT serve as dependable metrics of academic accomplishment. We have taken into account the performance of Arlington’s private schools on both state and nationally administered exams like the SAT and ACT.