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What is Texas Success!

Texas SUCCESS is a comprehensive resource that provides valuable math and reading programs specifically designed for students in Texas. It serves as a guide to achieving academic excellence, offering information on the highest-rated public and private schools and school districts within the state. Texas SUCCESS not only focuses on academic programs but also includes a wealth of information beneficial for Texas students, ensuring they have access to the best educational resources, extracurricular activities, and learning environments.

Our team aims to empower students, parents, and educators by providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the educational landscape of Texas, fostering a community of informed and successful learners. Whether you are looking for top-rated schools, effective learning strategies, or educational events, Texas SUCCESS is your go-to source for all things related to education in Texas.

Student SUCCESS in Math

Students enjoy the program because they see their math performance improve. This helps their self-esteem and has a huge impact on their performance in other classes.”

Student SUCCESS In Reading

Results of using Istation at our campus were phenomenal. English skills as well as reading skills improved and many students were able to take and pass state exams.

Student Success Initiative (Texas SUCCESS) Online Accelerated Instruction Resources

Rider 46, General Appropriations Act, 84th Texas Legislature, authorizes the commissioner to issue a request for proposal (RFP) for “statewide licenses to provide supplemental computer-based reading and mathematics instruction to all students in grades for which accelerated instruction is required.” The Texas Education Agency (TEA) issued RFP 701-16-010, Student Success Initiative Support Programs (Texas SUCCESS) and has completed the review of online resources submitted in response. The vendors selected as a result of the RFP and the products provided are listed below.

Texas SUCCESS Service Categories

  1. Grades 3–5 mathematics
  2. Grades 3–5 reading
  3. Grade 3 reading (Spanish)
  4. Grades 6–8 mathematics
  5. Grades 6–8 reading
  6. Algebra I
  7. English I and English II

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