Want to know what the best school districts in the El Paso are as of 2024? Enrolling your kids in the best local school district is important so we did the research and found the best rated school districts near El Paso. Our experts looked at all of the top schools and picked out the best ones for your kids. They will get a great education and prepare them for college and the real world!

We looked at all of the schools. We looked at how many students and teachers they have. Plus, we also looked at extracurricular activities, college readiness, academic performance, and state test scores!

School DistrictOur RatingLocation
Ysleta Independent School District10/10El Paso
Socorro Independent School District9.2/10Southeast El Paso
Canutillo Independent School District8.9/10Northwest of El Paso
El Paso Independent School District8.5El Paso
Harmony Public Schools8.5Spread across El Paso

Keep reading to learn more about our top picks near El Paso

Ysleta ISD

Ysleta Independent School District is one of the largest districts in El Paso and educates more than 43,000 students with over 3,000 teachers spread across 59 schools in 2021. The district serves the Southeast of the city and schools in Ysleta ISD consistently receive National Blue Ribbon Schools and National Title One Distinguished Campus awards

Socorro ISD

The Socorro Independent School District serves students in the East part of El Paso. The school district covers about 130 square miles and is home to 47,00 students and 49 schools!

Canutillo ISD

Canutillo ISD is one of the smaller school districts near El Paso but it is still highly rated in academics and extracurricular activities. The district is located in Northwest part of El Paso and has 10 schools.

El Paso ISD

El Paso ISD is the main school district inside El Paso city limits and home to some of the best schools in the area. The school district teaches more than 63,000 kids across 92 school locations.

Harmony Public Schools

Harmony Public Schools are charter schools in the El Paso area that focus on STEM education for kids from Kindergarten to 12th grade. The schools consistently receive top marks and are a good choice for parents looking for a dedicated STEM education.

How We Picked Our Schools

We have picked out the top public and private schools near El Paso. They are ranked by our ratings system which includes 5 things parents care about – keep reading to learn more about our rating system.

Our Rating System

  • Location – Only school districts that are close to Houston count. All of these school districts are within 1 hour of downtown El Paso.
  • Test Scores – The state test scores show how the schools are doing. The scores give an idea of what kind of academic standards there are in a school district.
  • Extracurricular Activities and Sports – Extracurricular activities and sports are fun outside of the classroom. Playing games is good to be healthy and an important factor for people to rank schools.
  • Public Sentiment – Public sentiment matters. It is good for your school district if people think it’s a good place to go to college and people like living in the area..

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