The OVERTIME round of the Think Through Math Red River Rumble is over and the scores have been computed. Now, the moment that you have all been waiting for…..drum roll please!

The winner of the 2013 Red River Rumble and bragging rights for an entire school year is…..Texas!

The Red River Rumble SCOREBOARD: 

Week 1:

Oklahoma Score: 30,000
Texas Score: 15,000

Week 2:

Oklahoma Score: 15,000
Texas Score: 30,000

Week 3:

Oklahoma Score: 30,000
Texas Score: 15,000

Week 4:

Oklahoma Score: 30,000
Texas Score: 15,000

Bonus Points for Effort:

Teamwork Bonus awarded to Texas: 10,000
Evening/Weekend Bonus awarded to Texas: 20,000


Oklahoma OVERTTIME Score: 7.54
Texas OVERTIME Score: 9.25

Class Effort Winners are:

TEXAS Teamwork Classroom Winners:

1. Mr. Marcor, 4E, C.A. Tatum Jr. Elementary School, Dallas ISD
2. Ms. Hays, Hays Fifth Period, Eisenhower Middle School, Northeast ISD

TEXAS Evening Weekend Classroom Winners:

1. Ms. Sprinkle, S. Sprinkle Section 03, Carter Park Elementary School, Fort Worth ISD
2. Ms. Larson, Butera, Bush Elementary School, Houston

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