Think Through Math is gearing up for the biggest contest of the year – The Think Through March “Math” Madness better known as MX3!  It is going to be an epic battle — school against school — striving to be the top Think Through Math school in the nation!!

2013 March Math Madness “MX3” Qualifying started Monday, January 14!

Qualifying is ongoing and Think Through Math will be narrowing contestants down to the Sweet 16 on March 1st. You need to rally all of the classes in your school to login and complete those math problems!  Four schools from each time zone of the THINK Nation (Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific) will vie for a spot in the Sweet 16.  The school with the highest average of passed lessons per active student combined with total average THINK Points will proudly display the MX3 trophy!

Follow contest commentary on your student page or check out the competition at  Does your school have what it takes to “Bring On The Madness!!!

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