Hopefully and by now, your students are enrolled in Think Through Math and excitedly earning Think points and sharpening their math skills. You are beginning to feel more comfortable with navigating Think Through Math from a teacher or administrator role, and may even have attended one of our 30-minute overview webinars or even the full hour and a half webinar training.

Still, you might be wondering: “How does differentiation happen within Think Through Math?” or “What reports are available to show what my students are doing in Think Through Math?” If these questions have crossed your mind, please join us for one of our mini webinars on adaptivity or reporting. Each mini webinar session is just 30-minutes long.

Wondering how differentiation happens in Think Through Math or what reports show what your students are doing in the system?

The Think Through Math Reports webinar will explore the four main reports in the program and demonstrate how you can access implementation and student performance data that will assist you in making strong data driven decisions to drive instruction.

In the Think Through Math Adaptivity webinar, see how Think Through Math delivers targeted, differentiated instruction to meet individual student needs, and creates a customized learning pathway so that each student is working in his or her own zone of proximal development at his or her own pace.

To sign up for these sessions, login to your Think Through Math account, click “Support” at the top of the page, then on “Sign up Today” under Webinar Sign up on the middle left of the page.

We look forward to seeing you soon in one of the Sessions!

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