Think Through Math is an adaptive online learning program that deepens students’ understanding of critical math concepts and problem-solving skills.  The program is available through the Texas SUCCESS program to students in grades 3-8.

Think Through Math provides motivation + computer-adaptive instruction + LIVE state-certified teachers + actionable data.  When students use the program consistently and complete 3 lessons a week, significant gains are made in math achievement. 

  • LIVE Instructional Support – students receive immediate feedback as well as access to LIVE, state-certified math teachers
  • System collects data, and adjusts instruction to meet a student’s needs
  • High quality instruction and interventions that match individual students’ learning needs
  • Effective, logical progressions from less sophisticated topics to more sophisticated ones
  • Concepts and skills that are directly related to later success with algebra
  • Spanish Support –  visual, auditory, simple language, Spanish translations and lessons structured in consistent ways–all so that students can focus on the math.