Students at Aguirre Junior High are Using Think Through Math

Principal Steve McCanless introduces Think Through Math to his students at Aguirre Junior High School to help prepare them for the rigors of high school math. (Read more.)

Students at North East ISD are Spending More Time Working on Math

Executive Director of Student Improvement, Terri Chidgey, observes students showing more confidence solving complex, multistep word problems and spending more time working on Think Through Math outside the classrooms. (Read more.)

Opportunities for learning at home – anytime, anywhere access to TTM for Mission CISD student

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Pine Tree Junior High, Pine Tree ISD

At Pine Tree Junior High School, Think Through Math is used as a supplemental math curriculum in addition to supporting the core math class. Students in grades 7 and 8 engage with the program in a computer lab 5 days a week during a 50-minute period. Because the program is motivational and web-based, students also use the program outside of school. Many access the program from home or community centers – anywhere they have an internet connection.

Students enjoy the program because they see their math performance improve. This helps their self-esteem and has a huge impact on their performance in other classes. What I also love about the program is that it’s proven to work. It produces quantifiable gains that can be measured.

Clay Gillentine, Principal, Pine Tree Junior High, Pine Tree ISD

The program has performed consistently over three years. The average 7th grader increased scores by 34 points; students who used Think Through Math increased their scores by 54 points. The average 8th grader increased 24 points. Students who used Think Through Math in 8th grade increased 46 points on average.

Grade level(s) participating: Grades 7-8