Poetry? Is it really important? You bet! Rhythmic rhymes are incredibly valuable in the development of vocabulary, pronunciation, phonemic awareness, figures of speech like alliteration and onomatopoeia, and overall literacy—which is why Istation provides teachers with a variety of poetry resources and lessons. Poetry makes language come alive! It engages both the eye and the ear, which helps strengthens memorization and creative thinking. When students recite poetry, they develop enunciation, projection, and confidence. Just as important, poetry encourages language play—the kind of fun that makes kids love learning! Istation presents students with different types of poetry, including acrostics, free verse, narrative poetry, and rhyme, and then poses questions about the poet’s message for discussion in group learning and written exercises. Today, students are asked to read and analyze poetry on the STAAR—just one of the many reasons why poetry is part of Istation instruction!

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