The Lone Star State is taking on the Sooner State of Oklahoma in the Think Through Math 2013 Red River Rumble!

Every week in February, five elite classes from Texas will battle five elite classes from Oklahoma to see which state reigns supreme and can be named the 2013 Red River Rumble Champion!

How to Represent Your State:
Classes in Texas will have the opportunity to qualify for challenges and the winners of these will eventually go head to head with classes in Oklahoma to see which state comes out on top.  The winning state will receive 30,000 Challenge Points and the state that finishes second receives 15,000 Challenge Points for the week. (* Challenge Points awarded for Weekly Challenges and Bonus Rounds are for competition purposes only and will be added to state contest totals. These points will not be awarded to classes or individual students.)

There’s still time to qualify! Download the Rules and Regulations document to view the schedule of weekly qualifications, announcements and battles.

Remember to keep working hard EVERY week, because a class qualifies anytime it reaches the Top 10% in the State.
Every class selected to represent their state in the Weekly Challenge will be awarded 50,000 Think Points toward their class goal.
ALL Texas and Oklahoma students can help their state compete for the overall Challenge Champion title by earning bonuses every week even if your class does not qualify or is not selected for a weekly challenge. Check out the official Rules and Regulations of the Red River Rumble.

It might be cold this time of year, but when it comes to solving math problems, Texas students are on fire! Go Get ‘Em Texas!

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