Grades: English I & II

Apex Learning Tutorials provide targeted tutorials reading support for students enrolled in English I or English II. Tutorials facilitate accelerated instruction and help students meet the requirements for successful completion of English I or English II. Developed specifically for TEKS and aligned to STAAR assessments, tutorials offer prescriptive assessment, direct instruction, and meaningful practice to build the required knowledge and skills.

Tutorials’ prescriptive approach personalizes learning for every student. Pretests identify mastered learning objectives and those which require additional focus. Individualized learning plans direct students to relevant content modules where the purposeful use of interactive media, text, audio, and video motivates students while addressing varied academic needs. Posttests assess growth in student knowledge and serve as a gauge for teachers to evaluate progress against mastery of the standards.

Students actively engage with direct instruction, differentiated practice to apply what they learn, and a review of key concepts. To engage and motivate students, Tutorials feature an innovative design that incorporates elements of popular games and apps. Tutorials are organized in the following four parts:

  • Learn It — complete TEKS-based instructional and interactive content
  • Try It — practice with instructional feedback
  • Review It — reinforce concepts through high impact video
  • Test It — assess mastery of module’s STAAR-aligned content